Growth Capital for Mississippi

Grits Capital is a private equity firm providing capital for early stage and expansion stage opportunities in Mississippi.

It was founded by two Mississippi-native entrepreneurs, Mark McCreery and Alan Lange. Together, they’ve been involved in starting over 30 businesses in the last 20 years in Mississippi and have funded dozens more through a full range of private equity and tax incentive investment programs. They also serve as co-founders of MuniStrategies that specializes in New Markets Tax Credits and has been awarded $198M in allocation in since 2011.

Keeping small businesses adequately capitalized for growth is difficult.

This is especially evident in capital-starved areas like the Deep South where there is simply no organized investment infrastructure between commercial banks and wealthy private individuals. That lack of middle-market growth capital causes many Mississippi-based businesses to go elsewhere for needed capital or to sell their businesses before their full potential is realized to out of state interests. That’s precisely why Grits Capital was founded in 2012.

We aim to be more than money

Growing businesses is demanding and having the right team and contacts to get your business to the next level is what it takes for economic success. From business strategy and development, key board/executive recruitment and follow-on financial assistance, Grits Capital has the experience to help get your company funded and successful.

Funding innovative companies

Since 2012, Grits Capital has provided debt/equity to a variety of small businesses. Some examples include:
  • Equipment financing for a craft brewer in South MS
  • Direct-to-patient medical supply company
  • Refrigerated trucking company
  • A leading-edge data visualization company
  • Growth financing for a specialty equipment company
  • Working capital to a IOT/edge solutions provider

Additional Services

  • New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs)
  • Private Equity
  • Opportunity Zone Funds
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • Access to Angel Fund Network and various other tax credits or incentives